Print out the weekly meal planner on Friday so you have time to work on it over the weekend.  This may seem like a lot to do every week (especially if you are also using the daily weight loss planner) but it will get easier with time.  This is all about creating new habits in your subconscious, over time you won’t even have to think about it.   

List out what you plan to eat each day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks.   Dinner snack should be avoided if possible but plan for it and try not to eat it.  Keep it simple.  Healthy meals should be very simple and pretty easy to prepare.  Do not add tons of salt either.  We want to try to reduce sodium as much as possible too. 

As you fill out the daily meals and snacks, add the items you’ll need to buy to your grocery list.  Once you’re done you will have your healthy weekly meal plan and your list to take to the grocery store.  Boom!  Done!  Go get your groceries and start working on your next week.  You are going to own it now! 

If you fail to fan you plan to fail!  

This is all part of your new healthy lifestyle.  It shows that you are prepared and ready to have a successful week.  These few hours of prep time will save many more hours during the week, reduce stress and anxiety in the evenings after work when you are tired.  Just look at your plan and make your healthy meal. 

Super Chica Pro Tips for meal planning: 

  1. Try to duplicate meals that you like and also use your dinner leftovers for the next day’s lunch or dinner.   
  2. Do meal prep on your days off, cook all your proteins that you’ll use for other meals(chicken, steak, fish etc.).  Bake your sweet potatoes and cook your quinoa or brown rice. 
  3. Buy some zip lock containers to make single-serve meals in.  If you are going to make salads for lunch, load up 5 containers with salads and the vegies you’ll have in the salads.  If you are going to add chicken keep it in a separate container.   Bring it all to work on monday along with your favorite dressing and lunch is done for the week! 

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