Every year millions of people realize they’ve let themselves go and need to get active. But it’s not just about boring gym routines and lonely runs in the dark. To truly get in shape and maybe lose some weight you have to create a new lifestyle for yourself.

Create New Habits

What is going to get you excited to get out there and move? Because really that is what it is all about. Just getting moving and creating the habit or routine to get you to do it. I always tell my clients, what do you think you’d like to do to get you active. It could be anything, yoga, paddle boarding, cycling, mountain biking ZUMBA walking, whatever. If it peaks your interest then start there.

1. Set Short Term and Long Term Goals

Don’t go crazy here. Just pick something that you think you want to do. Like finish a 5K in 3 months. So in the short term you are going to want to find a “how to start running” program and get some new running shoes. But first make a short term goal.

Next week I am going to walk 3 days during the week for 30 minutes and one weekend day for 45 minutes. Make sure it is specific, measurable and time bound.

2. Make A Plan

So you set your goals now you have to make your plan and the goals you set above will help you with this. Just print out a month calendar and write your goals on the top of the page. In the calendar write out your workouts or what days and times you are going to do your running or walking. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm yourself. Just get it down on paper.

3. Keep It Fun

You will be motivated at the start of this plan at least for the first week or two so be sure to keep it fun. Realize that this is something that you are doing for yourself and you 100% have to do it when it is on your calendar. Don’t make excuses, just do it! You will feel so good if you feel like skipping your workout but then make yourself finish it. Those are the best days. Push through it, I know you can!

4. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

If you do miss a day, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes life can get in the way of what we want to achive on a day or week but you cannot let it completely wreck your entire plan. Life Happens! Just get back on track as fast as you can and you will achieve your goal. Work through the adversity and you will start to have more and more confidence the more you do this. You’ll start to see that you can do this not matter what. It’s a great feeling

5. Create A Group

Create a weekly running group of friends that may have the same goals. This is the best way to make sure you’ll show up. It can be just one people or several but if you create the group you’ll have that extra push to show up and get the workout done. Also, making your workouts social make’s it fun and easier to do.

If you don’t like the idea of creating a group, join a workout group. A little accountability always helps everyone and you will meet new people with similar goals. You will probably make some new friends alone the way too. Like I said, training in a group makes it more fun and makes it feel easier. You’ll also see that time will fly by and at the end you’ll realize that you actually had fun working out!!!

6. Reward Yourself

Every week reward yourself if you’ve completed your workout. Maybe get a cute new workout outfit or some new shoes. Don’t use the reward to eat junk food though. That can really slow down your progress. Make the reward something that will help you keep working out and having fun. I love new workout shoes and outfits but you make find something else that will motivate you.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post! Now get out there and have fun creating your new active lifestyle! I’m going to leave you with this post from Michelle Obama from one of her Instagram posts:


Over the years I’ve recognized something important: Whether it was going to the gym at the crack of dawn or finding an extra moment to unwind in my favorite chair, in order for me to be at my best for others around me, I needed to find some time for myself. That’s easier said than done, and it can feel impossible when our kids, jobs, and lives rely on us for so much. But it couldn’t be more important for our well-being. Over the past month, I’ve heard from you all about the steps you’re taking to prioritize yourselves—daily morning runs, joining book clubs, setting boundaries on difficult relationships, picking up new hobbies when the kids leave home, and so much more. It’s wonderful stuff, truly—and in seeing your comments, I saw how powerful it is to have a community that supports us in our health. So before the end of summer, I want you to find a friend to join you in some of these personal wellness moments—post a picture and tag me so I can see it, too! Because getting some time for ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be alone!

– Michelle Obama

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