Age: 27
Occupation: Early Childhood Education Specialist – United Way
Weight Loss: 22 lbs

I’m a mother of two young beautiful girls. During my first pregnancy, I gained about 30 lbs, and after giving birth I only lost about 15lbs. I started my second pregnancy already 15 lbs over my ideal weight and I gained 35lbs more.   

Between being a mom, student, wife and working parent, I barely had any time left for my self. I started working out on my own but didn’t see any result and I started getting discouraged. I reach out to Marietta because I wanted to see a change in my body but most important gain my confidence and self-esteem back.  

Marietta has brought the best out of me and has taken me out of my comfort zone. She is passionate, caring and amazing human being so it makes it even more enjoyable to train with. 

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