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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal trainer? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal trainer on demand for you to learn from at your convenience and on your schedule? Well that’s me! Hi there I’m Marietta Roberts and I’ve been helping people lose weight and get in shape for almost 30 years. I’ve worked with thousands of people over my career and now I have a big goal that I want YOU to be a part of. To help 5000 people get healthier and happier in the next 2 years. Join me!


Women’s Weight Loss Made Easy System:

Jumpstart Your Fitness With These Free Tools

  • FREE Weekly Meal Planner with grocery list
  • FREE Daily Planner with goals, to dos and a daily gratitude journal
  • FREE 20 minute no equipment workout that you can do anywhere!
  • BONUS: Marietta’s favorite ab workout printout

Marietta Roberts, NASM CPT

 I'm Your Personal Online Trainer Friend Teaching You How To Get Fit Like You've Always Wanted

I have been in the fitness industry for almost 30 years now.  I have been a fitness instructor, personal trainer, Fitness Director at several clubs and have worked all over the world.

I've done it all but now I want to have a bigger impact and help you.  Advances in technology make it possible for me to help people all over the world.  My goal is to help 5,000 people reach their fitness goals over the next 2 years.  And I want to help you!

 I want to be your go-to trainer friend that you can email anytime asking for help when you just don't want to go to the gym, or go on that walk or run or even if you just want to vent about your struggles with getting fit.

I am here for you!


Get Back On Track

Quick tips on how to break out of a slump.  You've Got This!

Transform Your Body

Discover the tips and techniques to lose weight quickly.

Stay Fit Permanently

Create new lifelong habits to stay healthy long term.


Working with Marietta literally saved my life, she kept me accountable and kept motivating and challenging me with a combination of cardio and strength training, keeping the workouts interesting and the exercises diverse. With her constant encouragement and belief in me – I surpassed by initial goal and lost over 100 lbs. in the first year. 

Tasha C.

Lost 100+ lbs.


Marietta is an amazing trainer. She does whole body workouts. From strength training, intervals, to different types of cardio. 

When working with her you can see, she is passionate about what she does.

Viviana L.

Lost 40 lbs.


Marietta has brought the best out of me and has taken me out of my comfort zone. She is passionate, caring and amazing human being so it makes it even more enjoyable to train with.

Irene A.

Lost 22 lbs. , And got her confidence back

Try my free two week jumpstart!

 It’s like having me in your pocket training you when and where you want!


The program includes:

  • FREE easy-to-use app with all your workouts and workout descriptions.
  • An initial prep week filled with key information about the 2-week program .
  • Two full weeks with super-fun workouts and cardio activities.
  • No obligation or credit card required, just delete the app when your done or keep using it for free.

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Regardless of where you are at in your weight-loss or fitness journey, I am here to help. I don’t care where you came from or what you look like, I just care where are are going and what I know you can become. 

Marietta Roberts, NASM CPT

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