Why do you want to lose weight? Simple enough question right, because I want to look like the people I see on TV and in magazines. WRONG! Truth is you are never going to look like them. And you don’t want to, I don’t want you to. I want to see the real you. The healthy you. The you that is unique in this world with all the talents and gifts that were given to you.

So let’s peel back all the crap and find out what you really want

You want to lose weight, that is clear. Chances are you’ve tried several times and failed. Well that’s is AWESOME! What? That’s good? Yep! Each failure was one step towards your success. God I hate to say this almost but you were failing forward. The universe brought you to this page and now is the time! You are going to find your REAL reason that you want to lose weight once and for all. And I’m going to help you.

I can tell you why you failed each time. You ready for it? You didn’t find your why. You didn’t have a good enough reason to tell yourself why you were doing this when things got hard and the motivation wore off. The alarm went off at 5am and you hit snooze and gave up on yourself. You couldn’t tell yourself at that dark hour why you were doing this. That is about to change. We’re going to find your why right here, right now.

Reasons Come First, Answers Come Second

If you get big enough reasons if you get a big enough why to do something we can figure out how to do anything, but you need a big enough why. If you make a real decision you cut off any possibility other than the thing you are committed to. You can make that decision and you can make it last but you need to have enough reasons to make it last. Alot of things are going to happen and you’ll find yourself going back to your old patterns unless you have strong enough reasons.
Reasons come first, answers come second.

– Tony Robbins – Unleash the Power Within

To find your reasons or your why you really want to dig deep here and be honest with yourself.  Really spend some time and dig deep into your why.  What are the reasons you want to lose weight? Why do you really want to lose weight? And don’t give me the surface crap like I want to look good in a bikini on spring break….. CRAP. Better stated you want to feel confident and proud to strut down the beach in your hot little bikini right? That’s better. Put some feeling into your why. Find some real reasons. Really visualize what it will feel like. Then you are on to something!

You want to look sexy in a bathing suit?  Why? 

You want six pack abs?  Why? 

You want to fit in your jeans from high school?  Why? 

Chances are you just want to feel good about yourself and have energy and enjoy life and dot, dot, dot.  Those are all great and you will get there but we have to find out why you want this for yourself.  What does it look like to you?   How does it feel to put those jeans on from high schoool.

How Are You Going to Feel

Here’s one statement that could be universal when you get healthy and lose the extra pounds: “I feel great every day and have energy to do the things I love.”  After that, now you just need to answer this question: “What are the things you want to do that you love so much?” These are the big questions you need to answer that only you can answer yourself. And here is how you should start.

  • Get a piece of paper out, yes paper, if you grab your phone I’m going to smack you! Just kidding, phone works too but I like paper and the act of physically writing, I think, works better to help change you subconscious mind.
  • At the top of it write “Why do I want to lose weight?”
  • Leave it somewhere you walk by every day like the kitchen counter or near the coffee maker. Start writing down your reasons why you want to lose weight. Remember to put in some statements about how it feels to lose weight and reach your goal. You can also write about how you feel now at your current weight.

Once you get started you will probably really get going. It should look like a brainstorming session where you just write down everything that comes to mind. That’s okay, barf it all out! Get it all down and use a second and third sheet of paper if you need to. Once you get stuck, step away and leave it for later or tomorrow. Look at it again when you feel the most creative, for me it’s the morning time with my coffee.

Start Your Why

Here are some good statements to help get you started:

  • Losing weight will help me gain my confidence back and improve every area of my life.
  • Without my health I am useless to anyone else who needs me.
  • I need to take care of myself before I can take care of anyone else.
  • I want to look in the mirror and be proud of the person I see.
  • I’m tired of talking about losing weight, it is time to JUST DO IT!

This step of digging into why you want to lose weight may take you 15 minutes or it may take a few days. All that matters is that you do it and come up with big enough reasons to make the weight loss happen, so when your bad habits start trying to pull you back in you can fight them off with your reasons why.

You Are Doing This For You

You have to do this for you, not anyone else. For most women this is hard and it feels incredible selfish but you have to take care of you. As one of the bullets says about. If you don’t take care of you, you cannot take care of anyone else.

Health should be every women’s number one priority not just for themselves, but for everyone that surrounds them. Your reasons are going to be unique to you but in order for you to be the best mother, wife, daughter or friend you have to take care of you. When you do that, your whole life will change and you will see that opportunities for happiness are endless if you just take care of you!

Now go start on finding your why!

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