Everything you want in life is achievable.  You just have to decide how bad you want it and then set a goal.  I know you’re here because you want to lose weight.  You’ve probably started many different plans and tried a hundred diets and every fitness class and weight loss program under the sun.  I hear ya sister!  The one thing you’ve been missing is writing down a SMART goal for your weight loss journey. 

So, we’re going to take a business tool and use it for weight loss.  Don’t slap yourself on the forehead and yawn, this really works!  We’re going to set a SMART goal for your weight loss then from that create a plan based on your goal!  Because without a plan you will go nowhere. 

Before you set you goal you should have a deep understanding of WHY you want to lose weight?  The real why, not just, “I want to look good”.  But the real, “Why do you want to lose weight and get healthy”.  Check out this article first:Why Do You Want to Lose Weight – Finding Your Why.  Then come right back. 

What is a SMART weight loss goal? 

S = Specific – State what you will do, use action words.  Do: 

M= Measurable – provide a way measure ie. Lbs lost 

A = Achievable – make the goal challenging but attainable. Be honest with yourself and understand what you are capable of.  Understand there will be hurdles to overcome. 

R = Relevant –   This one is a no brainer.  But write down why it is relevant to you.  You are getting healthy and that will make every part of your life better. 

T = Time-Bound/Based – give yourself a deadline.  Add a start and end date 

As an example, let’s say this is what you came up with: 

S = I will Lose 25 lbs in 12 weeks and create a new healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. 

M= Weight Loss of 25 lbs and consistently working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes or more for more than 12 weeks in a row. 

A = Yes you can do this!  You’re not trying to lose 50lbs in 10 days.  25 lbs is basically 2 lbs a week and very doable. 

R =  Losing weight and getting healthy makes sense to me and will improve every part of my life. 

T = 12 Weeks (Add your start date and end date) 

Perfect!  Now you have a goal, you’ve written it down and you know that you can achieve it.  How exciting is that!  This is the first step of your weight loss journey.  Now we need to make a plan based on your new goal.  And guess what?  I am going to help you do that too! 

Check out the next post:  Coming up with a weight loss plan

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